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What Are Dental Assistant Jobs

what are dental assistant jobs

What Are Dental Assistant Jobs?

Dental assistant jobs require more than the technical training needed to perform the work efficiently and successfully.  A dental assistant must be caring and patient as much of the job requires one to work closely with patients and make sure they are comfortable with the dentist.  Assistants with office functions are very important as they must schedule and confirm the patients’ appointments, retrieve and maintain patient records, order supplies and receive payments.  Dental assistants may also fulfill other duties beyond the front office.

For instance, the assistant will often be an extra set of hands for the dentist.  He or she will prepare both the patient and the instruments for dental procedures.  During the procedure, the assistant will provide the instruments to the dentist and keep the patient’s mouth dry.  After the procedure, assistants will prepare the patient for post-procedural healthcare.  Furthermore, assistants teach all patients about proper dental care in general.  Other duties may include taking x-rays.

The specific duties of an assistant are difficult to pinpoint as they are constantly expanding and vary from state to state.  These jobs also vary with qualification, experience and licensure or certification.  Some jobs may require an assistant to have at least one year of clinical experience while another may emphasize front office duties for a prospective hire.  Other jobs may want someone with dental radiography experience and experience working with dental records.

An experienced assistant can start a job with a $30,000+ salary a year.  For instance, one job may require certification, licensure or registration for the prospective hire and ask that this assistant perform dental radiography tasks; assist with endodontics, oral surgery, prosthetics and restorations; and input and retrieve patient information on a computer.  This expanded function type of job is not always required, but it is also not uncommon.

Another option is to look into teaching jobs in order to train future dental assistants while still putting one’s own skills to use.  Even though one is working with potential colleagues rather than patients, one must still put those qualities compassion, patience and reliability to work.