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Volunteer Programs for College Credit with International Volunteer HQ.

Volunteer Programs for College Credit

How to earn course credit on an IVHQ volunteer program or international internship

1. Complete a service learning course during your IVHQ volunteer trip, earn up to 16 credits, and obtain a transcript through IVHQ’s School of Record partnerships

IVHQ’s partnerships with the University of Montana and Warren Wilson College in the United States allows us to provide academic credit to volunteers who have completed an IVHQ volunteer program. This is available across all of our volunteer abroad programs.

How it works:
  • Volunteers interested in earning credit select the ‘Course Credit’ add-on in their MyIVHQ portal after registering for their chosen program.
  • Students enroll in IVHQ’s service learning course and complete self-reflections and written assignments throughout their volunteer experience.
  • At the end of the course, students receive a letter grade based on their submitted coursework and earn credits based on the number of volunteer hours on site.
  • Official transcripts can be requested for easy credit transfer back to your home institution. Students are encouraged to discuss the opportunity with their academic advisor or Registrar’s office before enrolling, to make sure credits can contribute to their degree.

IVHQ offers variable credits to accommodate diverse durations of volunteering and service learning. These credits may be applied worldwide. The average number of volunteer hours per week varies by program, but generally 2 weeks of volunteering equates to about 45 hours.

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University of Montana credit is awarded as follows:
1 credit 45 volunteer hours + coursework
2 credits 90 hours
3 credits 135 hours
4 credits 180 hours
5 credits 225 hours
US$500 (approximately $500) for up to 5 credits
Warren Wilson College credit is awarded as follows:
*40 volunteer hours are required for each credit earned, plus coursework, for 6-16 total credits.
6 credits 240 hours + coursework
7 credits 280 hours
8 credits 320 hours
9 credits 360 hours
10 credits 400 hours
US$1000 (approximately $1000) for 6-10 credits
US$1500 (approximately $1500) for 11-16 credits

2. Complete IVHQ’s online Diploma in International Volunteering

Another great option for gaining academic credit while volunteering abroad is by enrolling in IVHQ’s Diploma in International Volunteering. This accredited international credit-bearing qualification has been developed in partnership with the Centre for Global Citizenship Studies.

The Diploma in International Volunteering involves online courses and written assignments, and is completed online before, during, and after your IVHQ volunteer trip. It combines volunteering with academic study for an immersive service learning experience abroad.

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Credits - This is a UK accredited level 3 qualification that offers:
41 academic credits in the UK
10 academic credits in the United States
20-21 academic credits in Europe
US$850 (approximately $850) for the entire course

3. Complete a credit-bearing international internship with our sister organization Intern Abroad HQ

If you would like to develop international career experience, then consider an international internship with our sister organization, Intern Abroad HQ. A key advantage of an internship over volunteering is that you will know your specific placement details in advance of starting.

All internships through Intern Abroad HQ offer course credits through IVHQ’s School of Record partnerships with the University of Montana and Warren Wilson College.

In addition, the Intern Abroad HQ team has years of experience in supporting students to successfully apply for academic credits through their home university and already have arrangements in place with a wide range of institutions around the world to support your academic and career goals.

The process for gaining academic credit with an Intern Abroad HQ internship through your own academic institution typically follows these steps:

1. Get in touch with Intern Abroad HQ

Contact Intern Abroad HQ’s University and Academic Support Team and share your university, field of study and required internship details. The team will respond within 24 working hours to confirm if we have an existing credit program in place with your university.

2. Contact your Academic Advisor

Contact your university academic advisor as they will be in the best position to advise specifically what steps to take regarding how credits can be earned. Communicate these requirements to our team, or put us directly in touch with your advisor, so we can help you to progress.

3. Apply and Register

Apply and register for your chosen Intern Abroad HQ internship. Ensure you share any academic paperwork that you’ll need taken care of.

4. Pursue your Goals

Prepare for and join your internship! Intern Abroad HQ’s Experiential Learning Curriculum can typically help contribute towards supporting material which may be required for your course credit and complement your education as a whole. Interns take away from our programs a record of their weekly reflections, providing a tangible demonstration of their learning journey.

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