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Dental Hygienist Programs

dental hygienist programsWhat Dental Hygienist Programs Have to Offer

Dental hygienist programs may be specified to accommodate all kinds of students’ needs.  There is the basic entry level degree-completion program that most students take.  There are also re-entry programs designed for dental hygienists returning to the field after an absence.  Many may decide to pursue master’s degree programs in the field or a related field.  There are also many online or distance learning programs for those who need to pursue their degrees via a computer or remote learning site rather than a campus program.

There are several dental hygienist programs in 32 states across the country.  Many have a School of Dentistry or Dental Hygiene Program.  Others may include dentistry as part of their overall schools or colleges of health sciences.  In any case, these programs typically have certificate or associate degree programs with the opportunity for students to continue their progress with a baccalaureate degree.  Many of these same schools have programs for those who would like to continue their studies and earn a master’s degree.

Many of the programs for students re-entering school after an absence in the field may be found at community colleges.  Some of these programs offer weekday and weekend courses, but few of them allow students to complete class hours online.  These programs may require as few as ten didactic hours and as many as 39.  The same hourly requirements may be made for clinical hours.  However, some may require no hours while other may require 50 or more of each.  Furthermore, courses may even be tailored to fit the student’s needs.

Those who need to take a distance learning or online course may be able to complete all their coursework remotely.  However, some programs require a few campus visits, especially in the case of mid-term or final exams.  Although many of the courses will lead to a Bachelor of Science degree, some may lead to a Bachelor of Technology degree.  A few programs accommodate distance learning for those interested in earning a master’s degree.  Like the BS programs, some of them require students to make campus visits for mid-term or final exams at the least.