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Dental Hygienist Jobs

Opportunities with Dental Hygienist Jobs

Dental hygienist jobs are constantly evolving with ever more advances and innovations in the technology and methods available.  On any given day, one can find hundreds of dental hygienist jobs advertised in niche job boards as well as more general job boards.   This field is one of the fastest growing in the country.  Even though the industry seems to be constantly growing, it is important that those about to embark on the job market have the range of skills necessary to successfully perform the job.

Furthermore, there are some areas more favorable than others for job prospects.  Competition is possible everywhere.  Many hygienists work in more than one office because their positions tend to be part time which means there are often more jobs than there are hygienists.  Most work in dentist’s offices while some may find employment through temp agencies or work in doctor’s offices or even in other industries.

Hygienists more often now perform tasks that were once the exclusive domain of dentists.  However, it is important that prospective hygienists know what tasks they are expected and permitted to perform according to the state in which they intend to practice.  Competition may vary from state to state and hygienists are only allowed to work in the state in which they are licensed.  Competition also increases in areas that have many dental health programs.  Still, hygienists have good chances of finding jobs with the workloads of many dentists increasing and older ones leaving the profession.

Although the industry is overwhelmingly female, both men and women can practice in the field.  Occupations in the dental health industry are projected to increase with the continued population growth and older people retaining more teeth.  Furthermore, more people are cautiously paying attention to preventative oral health care.  All of these factors are contributing not only to the growth of the field but also to the expansion of duties for dental hygienists.  Another attraction to hygienist field is the salary.  Hygienists typically earn no less than around $40,000 a year in this field.  However, benefits may depend on location, type of office and the number of years of experience.