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Dental Assistant Resume

Tips for an Impressive Dental Assistant Resume

A good dental assistant resume is the first step to getting that desired position in dental assisting.  It is important that a resume be well formed as well as denotes some impressive credentials.  Like any other type of resume, it must include all the essential elements such as activities, contact information, education, experience, and personal information.  There are a few tips a prospective assistant can follow to be sure his or her resume stands out from the rest.

The contact information should include the full name, temporary and permanent addresses, home and cell phone numbers and an email address.  Experience should be listed in reverse chronological order, meaning the most recent experience is listed first.  The same should be done with the education level.  The highest degree should be listed first along with the name of the institution, the city and state in which the institution is located, the degree awarded, the major and the year in which the degree was received.  The GPA is optional.

Some resumes may even include a summary of qualifications.  Activities can include campus or community activities as well as any professional organizations in which a prospective assistant is a member.  Personal information may be any certifications and special awards that have been earned.  It can also contain citizenship or security clearance information.  It is also important that the dental assistant resume include action verbs such as analyze, assemble, collect, develop, demonstrate, formulate, lead, maintain, manage, prepare, schedule and train among others when one is writing statements.

In fact, the resume should highlight the duties expected of an assistant such as making patients comfortable, preparing and sterilizing instruments, maintaining patients’ records, scheduling and confirming appointments and of course providing chair-side assistance to the dentist during treatments.  Of course, the resume should also mention that one is up to date on the latest practices, procedures and processes that are constantly being developed in the field.  The resume’s objective should mention that one is looking for a position in dental assisting.  It can also list references or mention that references will be made available upon request.