Health is wealth goes the saying and even if it sounds like such a cliche, it’s also so true. You ought to value your health because it has the most impact on the quality of your life.

So you want to be careful about your health and want to watch out for the things that can affect it. In that sense, you also want to take care of your oral health. Of course, you do because it’s a major part of your overall health.

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But did you know that not taking proper care of your oral health could lead to some serious health issues for you? Yes, that’s indeed the case. 

Here then are some of the health issues from dentist northlake tx caused by bad oral health:


Bad or poor oral health can lead to cardiovascular disease. As difficult as it is for some to believe, it’s the truth. Poor oral hygiene is what causes poor oral health. This can lead to heart disease because the bacteria that cause gum disease can enter the bloodstream. It can then lead to a build-up of plaque in the arteries. In time, the plaque will harden. 

Hardening of the arteries is known as atherosclerosis and it causes heart blockages and blood flow problems. The impact on the arteries and blood vessels can also cause hypertension or high blood pressure. This can lead to a stroke. There are also cases when a fatal condition known as endocarditis can develop even though it’s quite rare. It can also affect the heart’s lining.


People with diabetes are prone to infection that can lead to periodontal disease. However, periodontal disease can also make diabetes more difficult to manage. Diabetics will find that their symptoms are going to get worse. Their blood sugar levels will spike or just become unmanageable because of gum disease. So it’s important for diabetics to take extra care of their oral health.


Swollen gums or an infected tooth can cause bacteria in the mouth to travel to the lungs through the bloodstream. When the bacteria gets to the lungs, then it can cause some serious problems. You could possibly get acute bronchitis, pneumonia, and respiratory infections.


It might be difficult to think of kidney disease being somehow related to bad oral health or practice. But research shows that there’s a link. And chronic kidney disease affects a lot of the body’s most vital organs. Some examples of that are the heart and bones. It can also impact blood pressure. It’s important to note that kidney disease can lead to complications that are life-threatening.


Cancer is another major health issue that can somehow be caused by bad oral health. Some of the poor oral health practices that can lead to it are smoking as well as using other kinds of tobacco products. There is a high risk for oral and throat cancers as well as other types of cancers.


Bad oral health increases the risk of erectile dysfunction for men. This is the inability for a man to get an erection that would be enough for him to have sexual intercourse. Diseased gums have bacteria that can enter the bloodstream and cause inflammation of the bloodstream. The inflammation can prevent the flow of blood to the genitals, thus causing difficulty with erection.

There are far more health issues caused by bad oral health and hygiene. But these can also serve as reminders that oral health shouldn’t be neglected at all.